Ultima Pvp Alliance

Although the shard is an older fix of the Uo gamers first server, we offer many of the new style combat features an balance in Pvp an Pvm that players are looking for. We have a variety of scripts that bring you the best gaming exp. an kick the bored feeling Uo players are gettin these days. This project is the first of many installments to come in the Ultima Pvp Alliance a group of programers a developers assigned to bring fun back into the Ultima Online Legacy. Every essenstial detail has been gave full attention in-order to tweak all scripts so that you get a full balance pvp system of your publish 17, but the added flavor of a unique adjusments. An are developers have also made the Base.AI of the creature far more reactive to player tactics. We also take pride in bein a proff. staff an helping players in any way we can. 

We Hope To See You In-Game    

Owner -Kuliex-

Server Info

uoupa.servegame.com 2593


                                                                                                                                                         "100 PLAYERS BY THIS DATE AN INGAME AWARD WILL BE GIVEN"

Project UPA
Uo Pvp Alliance Project Bringing Uo Players New Worlds. First installment of this project. UoR,700 Skill cap,Fully balanced Pvp PvM, Cust Quest an More..

                       Info On Server Linking -Does Not Effect Gameplay- 

Linking Servers to the Stratics IRC Network

Stratics IRC appreciates your interest and willingness to contribute your time and resources towards helping the network grow. It's important for you to realize that Stratics IRC does not operate the way most conventional IRC networks operate. Servers linked to Stratics IRC are more like sponsored servers than linked servers. Stratics IRC servers are maintained remotely by Senior Server Staff and the Network Admin using SSH, SCP and other means. Configuration files, MOTDs and other necessary files are generated as needed, and uploaded to the remote servers when and if changes are required by those staff members. Depending on architecture and other factors, some servers get their conf files and software manually changed. Stratics IRC provides one O:Line for the Server Admin, and only one. The Server Admin cannot and does not modify the IRC configuration files on their server without the consent of the Senior Server Staff or the Stratics IRC Network Admin. The Server Admin cannot appoint any staff, local IRCOps or others - nor can they provide or modify O:Lines to anyone. All C/N:lines are added remotely, these cannot be changed either.
Below are the technical and other guidelines for applying to link a Server to the Stratics IRC network. Please read them carefully and agree to them all before applying.

Thank you for your interest in the Stratics IRC Network!

  • 1. The Server Admin applying to link a server to Stratics IRC has to have a registered nick on Stratics IRC that is at least 90 days old, and used regularly. Preference given to those that have been active on the network for 180 days or more, and have a registered nick at least that old. Stratics IRC Server Admins must be at least 21 years of age at the time they apply for the link to the IRC Network.
  • 2. The Server Admin should have an active interest in Online Gaming in line with the Stratics IRC genre: MMORPG's. This is the portion of the IRC world Stratics and Stratics IRC actively supports, an interest in this genre is very important.
  • 3. The Server Admin understands and agrees that they will not be compensated or be due any compensation for bandwidth used, time spent, rackspace rental/leasing or any other expenses incurred by linking their server to the Stratics IRC network. The Server Admin and any other parties that hold an interest in this server hold Stratics Inc., Stratics IRC, its staff and members blameless and harmless in regards to any damage or downtime caused by this link and the use of the server by the Staff, clients and our network users.
  • NOTE: This is a completely volunteer contribution and position. No compensation is paid for any aspect of this relationship.
  • 4. The Server Admin understands that with approximately 1000 users, an average IRC Server on the Stratics IRC Network uses approximately 20-30GB aggregrate bandwidth per month. The Server Admin further understands that it is their responsibility to provide adequate bandwidth for this server to function uninterrupted while its linked to the network. Average continuous bandwidth requirements for servers with 1000-2000 actives users is approximately 260-300kbps.
  • 5. Servers linked to Stratics IRC have to meet the following minimum guidelines:
    • A. Hardware capable of serving approximately 2000 users, typically an Intel/AMD of 1gHz or higher, 512MB RAM, 40GB Hard Drive or larger. The server has to run a flavor of Linux, prefer RedHat or BSD, fully patched with current security holes fixed. DMESG and Boot sequence will be requested.
    • B. The server has to be able to compile and run our IRCD, a modified version of the Bahamut IRCD.
    • C. The server needs to have a Static IP address.
    • D. The server's connection to the Internet has to be a MINIMUM of 1.5mbps or the equivalent of a T1 in speed and capacity. No cable modems or ADSL connections. XDSL and SDSL will be considered. Connections with greater capacity preferred.
    • E. The connection has to be stable and solid to at least 1 main hub (currently GlowFish and FRWS). Traces and Pings will be requested.
    • F. Protected by a UPS or back power system.
    • G. Server is expected to be available 24x7x365, not including service provider outages and emergency server maintenance. This is a full time link, and people will be expecting it to be available.
    • H. The server will not have TELNET access, it will have SSH/SCP and FTP access and this access will be granted to the Stratics IRC Network Admin and any others they deem appropriate. SSL and basic IPTABLES support is paramount.
  • 6. Servers at Co-Location facilities cannot be shared servers, we only accept 1 root user on our servers. Shared servers are inherently insecure and unreliable.
  • 7. Servers at locations not owned by or paid for by the server owner (ie. servers at work locations, etc.) must be noted at time of application and the Network Admin from that location has to inform Stratics that they understand the implications of having an IRC server at their location and that it is allowed. Servers at schools and universities will not be considered.
  • 8. By submitting an IRC Server Link Application, you hereby affirm your understanding that final approval of your application to permanently link to the Stratics IRC Network will be contingent on you granting us remote access to your server and a temporary test-link will be created, as well as satisfactory performance of the IRC Server over a predetermined period of time . This is to be determined solely by the Stratics IRC Network Admin, the ANA's and HUB Admins.
  • 9. Stratics IRC runs its own Services package, you agree to not run any copies of Services on the linked server. Additionally, Stratics IRC requires that their IRCD be the only IRCD running on your linked server, and that port 6667 and 7000 be exclusively reserved for and used by the Stratics IRC daemon.
  • 10. The Server Admin has to be able to protect and defend their server and/or their network from attacks on their IRC server. These attacks, though infrequent, can and will cause excessive bandwidth usage, network downtime and render the server and its network unusable. The ability to block SYN floods, PING attacks, SMURF attacks and other obvious attacks is paramount. This can be done either at the facility or at the facility's provider location.
  • NOTE: Not protecting or not having the ability to protect one's server and network can and will cause period's when the network is unusable to anyone - this will happen. If you cannot meet this requirement or if the use of your network is critical to you or your business, consider NOT linking an IRC server. Its simply not worth it to you, your sponsor/business or to Stratics IRC.
  • 11. Servers linked to Stratics IRC must agree to and meet the same guidelines as the rest of Stratics IRC. The Admin must follow and enforce all the rules of the network. Server Admins cannot create/modify or delete O:Lines, appoint Server or IRCOps, local or otherwise. They cannot give out the Stratics IRC source code or configuration files, or allow others to get to them. Server Admins can delink at any time, for any reason, its their server - but a de-link for vague or unreasonable reasons can result in a permanent delink from the network.
  • NOTE: If you do not agree with, or are unable or unwilling to enforce ALL the Stratics IRC rules and standards, please do not apply for a link.
  • 12. Stratics IRC Server Admin's have a unique position of trust and responsibility. With that they are not required to spend any particular amount of time on the network, or to hold any position other than that of a Server Admin, but they are required to be available via some means (email, pager, phone, etc.) in the event their server has problems or becomes a liability to the network.
  • NOTE: Common sense and courtesy seems to say that if you are interested enough to link a server to Stratics IRC that you will have an interest in the Network and will participate regularly. When online, all server admins are required to be in #oper at all times. Any other channels are up to the Server Admin and the requirements of any additional positions they may hold.
  • 13. The Naming conventions for servers linked to the Stratics IRC Network will be determined by the Network Admin and Stratics, Inc. This can change at any time. The preference is towards host names that include the word "stratics" in the host name, ie. "stratics.your-host.com". Since all servers are included in the Stratics IRC DNS Round-Robin and listed on websites and in the MOTD, having a typical and easily recognizable host-name is in the best interests of both our users and the Stratics IRC Network.
  • 14. Final decisions for linking or delinking servers rest with the Stratics IRC Network Admin and the ANA's. The Network Admin, the Assistant Network Admin(s) and other Senior Staff can de-link a server at anytime, for any reason, if its deemed to be in the best interests of the Stratics IRC Network. Permament de-linking can only be approved by the Network Admin, and all de-linking actions will be reviewed by the Network Admin within 7 days. All decisions made by the Stratics Network Admin regarding servers are considered final.

If you are interested in applying for a link to Stratics and meet and agree to the above requirements, please send an email to: server-link@irc.stratics.com


                                              Useful Info on Irc Chats 

The Stratics IRC Network

The Stratics IRC Network was setup to serve as a meeting place and chat system for members of the MMORPG and gaming community. We are here so you can discuss you favorite games, interact with developers, and host chatrooms for your guilds and clans. Unlike other, larger IRC networks: Stratics IRC tries to work with a smaller, niche community of dedicated and rabid gamers. With this in mind, you should be able to easily find your way around the network without fear of spam, porn and other illegal or purely adult content. You are can rest assured that virtually anyone you run into on this network shares your interest in gaming, just as you do. On Stratics IRC you can reserve your nicknames, reserve your channel(s) and protect them from takeover. Channels can be made public or private.

Stratics IRC offers the following benefits:

  • Hostmask mirroring protects you from hostile users, making it virtually impossible for them to gain your IP address via IRC.
  • 24 Hour Technical Support from our experienced IRC staff in #irc-help.
  • Public ("Sponsored") Gaming Channels based on all MMORPG's on the market, with staff and visitors always available to provide assistance.
  • Public Policy enforced in our public ("sponsored") channels, providing a safe, user-friendly environment.
  • Developer Presence in many of our public channels...game designers are constantly popping in to talk to the users and solicit feedback on their games.
  • Nickserv/Chanserv allows you to reserve your own nickname and reserve your own channels for personal use.

  • House of Commons Program offers regular conferences between the players and the developers, providing the latest on the most popular games.

Our trained and helpful staff are all gamer's themselves - and you will find someone on 'round-the-clock' to assist you if you need it. Our user-friendly Public Policy is geared to create a safe, non-hostile chatting environment: Stratics IRC provides moderated public chatrooms where you can go for the latest, news, hints, and general discussion on your favorite online games. And if you need more private space - you can set up your own guild or clan chat-rooms which can be public or private.

Your have many options on our network - the choices are yours! Come chat with us.


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